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We Pay Cash for Cars in Maricopa

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Get An Instant Offer On Your Car!

If you’re in a slump, there’s money in that trunk!

A super easy way to get that cash you need.

We all fall on hard times at some point in our lives. All possible ways to rake in a few dollars begin to fade, and frustration sets in. There are endless “get rich” and “instant cash” schemes out there that are scams; however, we are going to point out that you may have cash just outside your front door!

Do you have a vehicle that you don’t use?
Is there a car sitting in your yard or driveway that doesn’t run?

If you do, you have cash sitting right there. Curious how a run-down car is worth money?

The Solution People at Cash for Cars Maricopa will
pay you cash for your car!

About Cash for Cars Maricopa

Cash for Cars Maricopa isn’t like most businesses that promise cash for a car. We build our business on the foundation of honesty, transparency, and integrity.

We not only want your business, but we also strive to educate the public about how they can cash in on sitting vehicles or a car they don’t use. We buy cars in Maricopa that are in great shape and even those that are considered junk. There’s money in almost anything sitting on four wheels.

Our business is centered around helping each customer make a little cash on an unwanted car. We offer our services to you in purchasing your vehicle with convenience as the number one priority. You practically do nothing other than hand over the keys. The process is all done conveniently from your home!

You have our promise that you will deal with pleasant professionals who also live and play in the Maricopa area.

How do you benefit in selling your car to Cash for Cars Maricopa?

When you have a car you want to sell, there’s a lot of hassles that come with the process. When you do business with us, you don’t have those hassles.

Hassle-Free Process

  • ● No need to advertise or use the classifieds. This saves you money and time.
  • ● No having to deal with strangers coming to your home to test drive or look at the car.
  • ● No worries about having any checks clearing a bank because we arrive with cash in hand for your car.

With us, you get concierge-like services in selling your car. Our team of professionals simply make an offer to you for your car, provide the means of picking it up, and hand your cash over to you.

Prevents Potential Problems

A sitting car attracts unwanted issues.

  • ● Pests that can end up invading your home. Many times a sitting car becomes a home for snakes, rats, mice, raccoons, possums, and more.
  • ● The value of your property goes down.
  • ● Neighbors begin complaining about the eyesore, causing hostility.
  • ● Maricopa Code Enforcement can issue a citation fining you for blight.

Maricopa Code Enforcement

A car is considered abandoned if it:

  • ● Has no license plates or tags
  • ● Inoperable
  • ● Stripped
  • ● Unclaimed
  • ● Scrapped
  • ● Junked
  • ● Discarded
  • ● Under Repair for over 72 hours

How easy is the process of selling my car to Cash for Cars Maricopa?

By directly contacting us (by phone or online form), we get the “ball rolling.”

  • ● We’ll provide you with an instant offer for your car. It’s a “pressure-free” offer that we encourage you to take your time in considering.
  • ● If you accept our offer, we will schedule a pickup time that is convenient for you. Same-day pickup is available.
  • ● When our professional team arrives, they will need a few things from you (paperwork.) You will receive your cash, and you are done!
  • ● The team will proceed to tow or remove the vehicle from the location you give to us. You never have to do a thing.

What kind of cars does Cash for Cars Maricopa buy?

There’s almost no limit to what kind of car we will buy from you. We take new ones, old ones, running and non-running. There are not many junk cars in Maricopa that we won’t buy. Many of them don’t make it to the junkyard in Maricopa because we buy them!

We buy cars in Maricopa that are:

  • ● As-Is
  • ● New or old
  • ● Damaged from an accident
  • ● Salvageable with title
  • ● Non-passable for emissions

What kind of paperwork will I need to sell my car to Cash for Cars Maricopa?

If your vehicle is financed, we will need the payoff information from your lender. Otherwise, the typical things we’ll need is the registration, title, owner’s manual, and maintenance records. We understand that not everyone has these items.

Your Money’s Waiting…

Your junk is our treasure, and if you have a car sitting around, you’ve got money! We welcome you to take advantage of our services and guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed.

You might already be familiar with our we buy cars service in Phoenix as we've been around for quite some time. We promise to provide that same level of service to the Maricopa area.

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