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How to sell your car for cash whether it’s running or not.

Are you procrastinating selling a car because of the headache, frustration, and investment of time it takes?

We understand how you feel because we’ve been there. It’s not fun to go through the process of advertising or going to dealerships to get an appraisal. Far worse, private buyers can be shady and love to low-ball you.

Cash for Cars Avondale brings the
car-selling process right to your doorstep!
Simple, straightforward, and honest.

What is Cash for Cars Avondale?

We buy cars for cash in Avondale that you don’t want! We bring the entire package of purchasing your vehicle to your doorstep. You avoid the hassles of advertising, meeting with strangers, and visiting used car dealerships.

Cash for Cars Avondale is your local friendly business that you can trust. We also support and live in our beautiful city of Avondale. Where else can you enjoy the finest in living with the Phoenix International Raceway in your backyard?

Why should I sell my car for cash?

Convenience is what it’s all about! Your time is valuable, and we provide you a simple solution to get rid of your car without ever having to leave your home.

  • ● No advertising or classifieds needed.
  • ● No dealing with strangers coming to your home and driving your car.
  • ● Payout is typically more than a used car dealership.
  • ● No waiting for a check to clear the bank because you get cash.
  • ● We handle towing and removal of the vehicle. You don’t have to lift a finger.
  • ● The process is fast and straightforward.
  • ● Frees up space where your car sat.
  • ● Peace of mind knowing you’re doing business with a trusted, local person.
  • ● Prevents violation citations and fines if you have an inoperable vehicle sitting.

Perils of Keeping Inoperable Vehicles

Do you have a car that doesn’t run and has been sitting? It’s time to get rid of it!

  • ● Are you holding onto a car because it belonged to a loved one and has sentimental value?
  • ● Were you intending to restore the car but just haven’t had the time or the finances?
  • ● Don’t have the means or finances to have the car hauled off? Reasons to get rid of a sitting car.
  • ● It decreases the value of your property.
  • ● It becomes an eyesore to you and your neighbors.
  • ● It becomes a home to pests (some dangerous) that can invade your home.
  • ● It becomes blight, and the City of Avondale Code Enforcement will cite you.

The City of Avondale enforces laws against blight, which includes inoperable vehicles.

Avondale Code of Ordinances: Chapter 14, Section 14-50
“If a responsible party fails to comply with the removal of an inoperable vehicle, the City of Avondale Code Enforcement will issue a citation (civil or criminal) with fines of $250 or more per violation. Should the citation be issued as a “criminal,” it becomes a Class 1 misdemeanor resulting in fines and probation.”

How does Cash for Cars Avondale pay me for my vehicle?

  • ● Contact us either via phone or by completing our online form. We’ll provide you with an instant cash offer that we honor and stand by.
  • ● You either accept or decline our offer with a “no pressure” guarantee.
  • ● If you accept, we’ll schedule a time to arrive at your home with our truck. Same-day appointments can be made.
  • ● When we arrive, we meet with you to hand over your cash in exchange for any necessary paperwork on your vehicle and the car itself.

What type of cars does Cash for Cars Avondale buy?

Cash for Cars Avondale will buy almost any car, whether it’s a beauty in great running condition or a real eyesore. We pay cash for junk cars in Avondale, and no vehicle is too junky for us! We buy the good, bad, and ugly!

  • ● As-Is vehicles
  • ● Vehicles in great condition
  • ● Vehicles that have been in accidents or have been damaged
  • ● Salvage vehicles (with title)
  • ● Junk cars that don’t run that haven’t made their way to a junkyard in Avondale
  • ● Cars that failed emissions What paperwork and things will Cash for Cars Avondale need from me?
  • ● Vehicle registration
  • ● Title
  • ● Keys to vehicle
  • ● Owner’s manual (if you have one)
  • ● Maintenance record (if you have)
  • ● If the vehicle is under lien, we will need the lender’s payoff information.

You can’t go wrong selling your car for cash!

We make the whole process of selling your vehicle pleasurable and straightforward. Our warm and personal service gives you confidence knowing that you’re getting a fair offer for your car!

All you have to do is simply contact us, sit back and wait for us to arrive with your cash. It really can’t get any easier than that.

You’re sitting on top of money if you’ve got a sitting car!

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