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We Pay Cash for Cars in Apache Junction

Selling your car for cash is just one phone call away

Get An Instant Offer On Your Car!

A car that’s a curse can be money in your purse!

How can you make some serious cash on a car that you don’t use?

Do you have a car that’s become a thorn in your side because it’s on its last leg or it quit running altogether?

As responsible homeowners and residents of Apache Junction, we must be careful about leaving a car sitting for too long. Whether it’s in the driveway, curbside, or in the backyard, we have to keep in mind that it quickly becomes blight. City code enforcement officers proactively patrol and write up residents whose area is littered with blight.

Blight is considered things that cause your area to be polluted in appearance (old cars, litter, junk, etc.)

Cash for Cars Apache Junction
helps you fight blight by
paying you cash for your vehicle!

What does Cash for Cars Apache Junction do?

Cash for Cars Apache Junction is a locally owned and operated business that pays residents cash for their cars (new, old, or junk.)

Our team of professionals is real people that live in Apache Junction. We are not just a voice on the phone but your neighbors. Every team member upholds the highest standards in serving every customer. Honesty and integrity are the backbones of Cash for Cars Apache Junction.

Most people aren’t even aware that they can cash in their car if it’s inoperable or junk. We strive to inform the public that this service is available. We buy cars in Apache Junction that are in all kinds of conditions. In our eyes, a vehicle that’s junk to someone else is gold to us. We rarely turn away a car, the uglier, the better!

You gain the advantage when selling your car to Cash for Cars Apache Junction

There are so many pros to getting rid of an unused or sitting car. When you look at how you benefit by getting rid of a car AND bringing in some cash, it’s a win-win!

The process is hassle-free for you!

  • ● You don’t have to spend money or time on advertising the car.
  • ● No strangers are coming to your home to look at the car.
  • ● Because we give you cash, you never have to wait on a check to clear the bank.

It’s as easy as us making an offer to you, giving you your cash, and picking up your car!

Deters Potential Issues

Cars that sit around for prolonged periods become prone to problems.

  • ● Your neighbors begin to complain and may end up reporting you to code enforcement.
  • ● Dangerous and nuisance pests settle into the sitting car.
  • ● Not only does your property look bad, but the value decreases.
  • ● Code enforcement issues citations and fines for inoperable vehicles.

Apache Junction Code Enforcement: Code Violations
Public Nuisances Prohibited
Section 9-1-3

“It is unlawful to allow inoperable vehicles to be parked or stored in residential areas. Vehicles being restored or repaired for more than 10 days must be stored in an enclosed structure from the public’s view.”

What’s involved in selling my car to Cash for Cars Apache Junction?

The process is convenient and super simple!

  • ● We have a convenient online form you can complete, or you can call us directly.
  • ● You’ll get an instant cash offer for your car that is completely “pressure-free.”
  • ● Once you accept our offer, we set up a convenient time that fits your schedule to pick up the car.
  • ● Before we arrive to get the car, you’ll need to gather the paperwork (title, registration, etc.) on the car.
  • ● When our professional team arrives to collect the car, they’ll exchange your cash for the paperwork on the car.
  • ● Removal, towing, and labor are all done by our professionals. You don’t have to do anything because we do it all!

Does Cash for Cars Apache Junction only buy nice cars?

We buy cars in Apache Junction that are nice and in good running condition as well as old, damaged, and downright ugly.

We also pay cash for Junk cars in Apache Junction. Before hauling that old car off to the junkyard in Apache Junction, give us a call.

We give you cash for:

  • ● New
  • ● Used
  • ● Old
  • ● Damaged
  • ● Been in Accident
  • ● Salvageable (need title)
  • ● Can’t pass emissions

What paperwork do I need to furnish to sell my vehicle?

  • ● Financed vehicles: we will need your lender’s payoff information.
  • ● Registration
  • ● Title
  • ● Owner’s Manual
  • ● Any Maintenance Records

Convenient cash never got this easy!

Now that you know your car’s worth money, you’ll no longer see a rusty old piece of junk or an old broke down vehicle. Instead, you’ll see flashing dollar signs!

Our goal is to make people aware that a sitting car is sitting money. Along with that goal is our mission to give each customer our full, personal service that’s the ultimate in convenience.

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