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Get An Instant Offer On Your Car!

Cash Perks Really Work: Selling Your Car for Cash

Everything you need to know about a “cash for cars” option.

When we sell a car, we typically choose one of two options. Sell it privately or go to a car dealership. How do you know if you are getting the most money for your car? You don’t unless you educate yourself on the value of your car as well as the other party offering to buy it.

Regardless of which option you choose, either a private or dealership transaction will require an investment of your time. Time is money since we live busy lives in today’s world. So, what other option does one have to sell their car?

Cash for Cars El Mirage has the solution for you.

Every team member at cash for used cars in El Mirage has your best interest at heart. Each of us are live people that reside in your community. We aren’t an ambiguous website or foreign voice on the other end of the phone. We uphold the highest reputation in the area because our mission is to provide every customer with service that isn’t usually found anywhere else.

We buy cars in El Mirage that are mechanically sound all the way to broken down. Can you imagine having extra space that is freed up when you get rid of a car that’s been sitting? Likewise, if you have a great running car but don’t use it, why not cash it in?

Why pay to have a sitting car hauled off to the junkyard in El Mirage when you can reap the profit of having it removed?

Why should I use Cash for Cars El Mirage?

The number one reason is convenience backed by honesty. Trust is important to us because we like to build long-term relationships with our customers.

When you sell your car to us, you avoid having to advertise the car as well as dealing with people coming to look at it. Going to dealerships to get a quote on what they’ll offer is extremely time-consuming.

You have our promise that you get a fair offer on your car from us. Along with that, the entire process can be done from your home!

Other reasons to sell your car for cash.

Junk cars in El Mirage are hot targets for a myriad of reasons. A sitting car is like asking for trouble.

  • ● The overall value in your property continues to decrease.
  • ● Your neighbors grow upset about having to look at it.
  • ● Vermin of all kinds set up home in it.
  • ● It’s considered a nuisance to city code, and you can be written up and fined for it.

El Mirage, AZ Code of Ordinances
Chapter 90: Nuisance and Neighborhood Preservation 90.14 Vehicles D-F “...abandoned or inoperable vehicle (unsheltered) or a vehicle being repaired or restored that is viewable from the public street. A vehicle being repaired or restored may be stored in a carport and covered with the proper covering. A vehicle under repairs should not exceed 15 days.”

So, how do I sell my car to Cash for Cars El Mirage?

Picking up the phone and calling us directly gets things moving, or you can fill out our form online.

  • ● You’ll get an offer from us on what we will pay you in cash for your car. Of course, this is under no pressure, and you have time to think it over.
  • ● Once you let us know if you accept (or decline), we proceed from there.
  • ● A time is scheduled that is convenient for you for us to come pick up the car.
  • ● Upon arrival, our team member(s) will collect papers from you for your car and hand you your cash.
  • ● They will then tow/remove the vehicle. You don’t have to do anything because they have it covered!

Papers we’ll need from you.

  • ● The title, registration, owner’s manual, and maintenance record on the car.
  • ● Vehicle keys
  • ● Lender’s payoff details if the car is financed.

How do I know if Cash for Cars El Mirage will buy my car?

When it comes to buying your car, we generally buy most anything. If you have a new car, old car, or something that is rusted out, it’s worth money.

Cars that we typically buy are:

  • ● New
  • ● Used
  • ● In running condition as well as inoperable
  • ● Salvage with a title
  • ● Those that have failed emissions

We are just a phone call away!

You have options for selling your car, and we want you to explore those. We are confident that you will find that the convenience of our services surpasses those of any other business. Additionally, you will have the peace of mind knowing you are getting a fair offer.

Transparency and trust are important to us because we know it’s important to you!

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