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Get An Instant Offer On Your Car!

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Do you have a car that’s just sitting there but don’t have the time to deal with it or have the resources?

We all lead busy lives, and every time we look at our sitting unused car, we think about doing something with it. But how do you get rid of it without spending a hefty chunk of money for a tow truck?

If you have a car that’s in great running condition, you’ll still face the cumbersome process of selling it. Who wants to deal with advertising and strangers?

Cash for Cars Goodyear is your Car-Selling Concierge!
You never have to leave home...
We come right to your doorstep!

What is Cash for Cars Goodyear?

We at Cash for Cars Goodyear are not only warm and personable, but we’re your neighbor. As residents here, we take pride in being a local business in our beautiful city of Goodyear. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company gave the city it’s running start, and since then our city has continued to grow.

As your car-selling concierge in this thriving area, you’ll avoid the painful process of advertising your car for sale and having strangers coming to your home to look at the vehicle. We buy cars in Goodyear that people don’t want.

Reasons to sell your car for cash.

You have the advantage of making some fast cash without leaving your home! Cash for Cars Goodyear delivers white-glove service to your doorstep in purchasing your vehicle.

  • ● You don’t have to advertise.
  • ● You don’t have to deal with strangers coming to your home to look at the car.
  • ● Our payout is comparable to that of a used car dealer.
  • ● You get cash, so you don’t have to wait for a check to clear.
  • ● When we remove the vehicle, you don’t have to do a thing because we do it all.
  • ● The entire process is smooth, easy, and trustworthy.
  • ● If you have a sitting car, you’ll have freed up space.
  • ● You avoid being cited by code enforcement for an inoperable sitting car.

Pitfalls of a Sitting Inoperable Car

Do you have the eyesore of a non-running car but don’t have a way to get rid of it?

  • ● If you have a sitting car that doesn’t run and it has sentimental value because a loved one owned it, you can sell it.
  • ● Restoring a car was your plan, but you don’t have the time or money. The car’s just sitting there; you can sell it.
  • ● Your budget’s too tight to hire a tow truck to haul a sitting car off, but it needs to go.

Reasons a Sitting Car Needs to Go

  • ● It brings down the value of your home.
  • ● Snakes, possums, and other critters will set up home in it.
  • ● You can be cited by the City of Goodyear Code Enforcement for blight.

Pursuant to the Code of Ordinances, Goodyear, Arizona
Chapter 11 Offenses: Article 1: A-C Abandoned Vehicles
(C) Removal
(1) Every person who shall fail, neglect, or refuse to abate the nuisance (a sitting vehicle that is not in a storage structure) shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.
(3) When any person who notice has been provided fails...more than 15 days to abate the nuisance, the City Manager..removes the vehicle...according to law.
(4) The owner...shall be liable for all costs incurred.

Cash for Cars Goodyear Process

  • ● You give us a call or fill out the online form.
  • ● We’ll respond with an instant cash offer.
  • ● You’ll either accept or decline what we offer you. We encourage you to think the offer over with no pressure.
  • ● Once you accept our offer, we make an appointment to pick up the vehicle.
  • ● Upon arrival at your home, you’ll receive your cash.
  • ● We take your car and any necessary paperwork on the vehicle.

Vehicles that Cash for Cars Goodyear Buys

Cash for Cars Goodyear buys cars that are in tip-top condition as well as those that are junky eyesores. We even pay cash for junk cars in Goodyear!

We buy pretty cars and downright ugly ones too!

  • ● Vehicles that are:
  • ● As-Is
  • ● In great condition
  • ● Have been in an accident or damaged
  • ● Salvageable (with title)
  • ● Junk cars in Goodyear that haven’t quite made their way to a junkyard in Goodyear
  • ● Failed emissions

Cash for Cars Goodyear will need the following paperwork.

  • ● Registration
  • ● Title
  • ● Keys
  • ● Owner’s Manual (if available)
  • ● Record of Maintenance (if available)
  • ● Lender’s payoff details (if the vehicle is financed)

Cash In On A Sitting Car!

You have our promise that selling your car for cash will be painless and simple. You’ll have our professional and personable concierge service from start to finish.

It’s as simple as contacting us and letting us do all the work!

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