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Get An Instant Offer On Your Car!

We Pay Cash for Cars in Buckeye

Selling your car for cash is just one phone call away

Get An Instant Offer On Your Car!

A Sitting Car is CASH!

The Simple Process of Selling Your Car for Cash

Did you know that you can get cash for a car that isn’t being used or is just sitting around?

Cash for Cars Buckeye brings the whole selling process for your car to your front door! You don’t have to leave home or lift a finger. We all know the hassles of selling a car. It can be a real pain and inconvenience! However, we make the process easy and uber-convenient.

Whether your car runs perfectly, looks great, or is a lawn ornament, it’s worth money. Why let it sit there because we buy junk cars in Buckeye!

Selling a car never got so easy
You never have to leave home!

What is Cash for Cars Buckeye?

We are your neighborly, local car-buyers that provide every customer white-glove service. Cash for Cars Buckeye is an established business in the thriving city of Buckeye. We not only live and play here in Buckeye, but we strive to build and maintain personal and long-term relationships with our fellow residents.

Cash for used Cars in Buckeye designed the car-buying and car-selling process to be customer-convenient. We remove the need to advertise your car and interaction with strangers coming to your home to look at the car. For those who have a sitting vehicle and want it gone to the junkyard in Buckeye, we also handle that.

How selling your car for cash benefits you.

The biggest advantage of using our services is, of course, convenience that greets you on your doorstep ! You will also find that our warm and personable service is a positive experience.

  • ● No advertising required on your part.
  • ● No strangers are visiting your home to look at your car.
  • ● The offer you get from us is honest, fast, and similar to a used car dealer.
  • ● No waiting for a check to clear from a buyer (or us) because we give you cash.
  • ● We do all of the work to haul the car away.
  • ● Selling a sitting car frees up much-needed space.
  • ● Buckeye code enforcement will cite you for a sitting vehicle. Inoperable vehicles are considered blight, and most cities proactively enforce removal.

he Hazards of An Inoperable Sitting Car

Are you ready to get rid of a car that doesn’t run and don’t have a way to haul it off?

  • ● Do you have a “project” car sitting there that you wanted to restore but don’t have the time or money? That’s sitting cash!
  • ● You inherited Grandpa’s car, but it doesn’t run and needs a lot of work. That’s sitting cash!
  • ● You have a junk car sitting and don’t have the budget to haul it off. That sitting cash! It’s time to get rid of a sitting car because:
  • ● Pests are attracted to sitting cars and can eventually invade your home.
  • ● Blight in a residential yard quickly brings a home’s value down. It becomes unsightly and a hazard.
  • ● Code enforcement issues citations and fines for inoperable vehicles.

Buckeye, AZ Code of Ordinances: Chapter 15, Article 15-2, Section 302.8
“No inoperative or unlicensed motor vehicle shall be parked, kept or stored on-premises, and no vehicle shall...be in a state of major disassembly, disrepair…”

How do you sell your car to Cash for Cars Buckeye?

The process from start to finish is simple and smooth.

  • ● Contact us by calling, or you can complete the form online.
  • ● We will provide you with an instant offer (how much we’ll pay you in cash.)
  • ● You take the time to consider our offer, and once you are confident in your decision, you simply accept or decline. No pressure.
  • ● Upon acceptance of our offer, a time to pick up your vehicle is scheduled. We work around your schedule to make it convenient for you.
  • ● Our tow truck will arrive at the location you give us. We hand your cash over in exchange for the vehicle and any paperwork you may have on the car.

What type of cars do we buy?

There’s just about any kind of car we’ll buy. You can even get cash for junk cars in Buckeye!

We buy cars in Buckeye that include:

  • ● As-Is
  • ● Great shape and running condition
  • ● Vehicles that have been in an accident or are damaged
  • ● Salvageable (w/title)
  • ● Failed-emission vehicles
  • ● Vehicles ready for the junkyard in Buckeye

When we purchase your car, we’ll need some paperwork.

  • ● Title and Registration
  • ● Keys
  • ● Vehicle Owner’s Manual (if you have one)
  • ● Any maintenance records (if you have)
  • ● If the vehicle is financed, we’ll need the payoff information for the lender

Dollars in a “Rusty Bucket”

The whole process of selling a car doesn’t get any easier! It all comes down to serving our customers with the best service that’s centered around convenience.

Cash for Cars Buckeye will exceed your expectations!

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