Sell Your Salvaged Car In Phoenix, AZ

Did you get into an accident? Have an old, beat-up car? Perhaps you have a vehicle that just doesn’t run? Here at Cash for Cars in Phoenix, our primary objective is to help YOU sell your salvaged car and make the process simple while giving the best price possible. When you sell a salvaged car to us, we take it as-is and in any condition. We’ll even use our free towing service and come to you!

Selling a car can be difficult enough: enduring the process, the paperwork, buyers and many other things that can be baffling and, in some cases, downright horrifying. That’s why Cash For Cars is here to help.

What Is A Salvaged Car?

A “salvaged car” is when a vehicle is so wrecked, not even an insurance company will touch it with a 10-foot pole! This is because the car is considered a total loss due to the damages being in excess of the car’s total market value. They can be a nuisance to keep around, taking up space in your garage or leaking fluids harmful to animals and the environment. There’s no real reason to keep an old, junky car if it doesn’t run, right? When a vehicle is in this kind of condition, it’s best to rid yourself of it.

The Worth of a Salvaged Car in Phoenix, AZ

In Phoenix, you can get up to $13,000 or more depending on the condition of the vehicle. Repairs, extent of the damages along with the year, make and model of the car are all factors that go into determining the value. In general, newer and less damaged vehicles will have a higher value than older ones in a sorry state. We abide all state and city laws and regulations.

How Do I Calculate the Value?

This is going to take a just little research and digging on your part but worth the effort in ensuring you get the best price. Yes, it may seem tedious to do but the result will end with the right amount of money in accordance with the value. There are many ways in which you can attempt to calculate the value of your vehicle before hand. Try looking through the Phoenix-area Craigslist, Facebook or other place where classified ads for cars are listed, like a local newspaper. Compare and contrast the asking prices, physical condition of the vehicles along with the years, makes and models. You can also look up Kelly Blue Book prices or check out Consumer Reports for a more thorough understanding about the value of your car. Whichever methods you choose, make sure you come armed with a pragmatic outlook and practical price tag.

Before Requesting a Quote

Be realistic with yourself and informed about the value of your car. Of course you want to get the highest price possible but avoid unreasonable expectations. Many car salvaging companies in Phoenix will say they’ll give you the best price but, in the end, you will realize could have gotten more. Cars for Cash is dedicated to ensuring the value of your vehicle goes into your pocket to the best of our ability.

Our Selling Process

First, either give us a call or fill out our online quote form to sell your salvaged vehicle or to sell your damaged car in Phoenix. Then, accept our offer if you think it works for you. We’ll then schedule the best day and time for your free towing appointment. We can come anywhere you need us and it can usually be done in less than a day. Next, when we come to get your vehicle, the tow-tuck driver will present you with a check in the amount we agreed upon. Yes, it really is that easy, quick and you are under no obligation to the quote we give you.

Cash for Cars in Phoenix is here for you! We always offer free junk car removal in Phoenix too! Don’t hold onto that junker any longer and fatten up your bank account now. With decades of auto-industry experience, you have nothing to lose. We have a sincere desire to make the selling process easier for our customers and work hard to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction. There’s no better way to get a cash for cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs or boats than with Cash for Cars. Don’t wait any longer, contact us today with any questions you may have and get a quote.