We provide free junk car removal in Phoenix

Do you have an old car or clunker that you just don’t need anymore? Has it been sitting in your driveway for days, months, or even years because you weren’t sure if it was worth it to remove? Maybe you thought, is there any junk car removal near me?

Good news! There is a great solution to your problem that can come right to your doorstep. Here at Cash for Cars, we offer junk car removal services nationwide, including Phoenix junk car removal!

What is a Junk Car Removal Service in Phoenix?

A junk car removal service is when we help you sell your old non-running car or broken vehicle, remove it from the property, evaluate its worth and give you cash in exchange for it. There is no extra work on your part at all! After you contact us about the vehicle or vehicles you would like us to remove, we will come to your property and tow them away for free!

Why Would I Want to Use a Junk Removal Service?

Let’s face it. No one wants to deal with the hassle of selling their old clunker by themselves. The process can be long and tedious. Imagine this, you have to advertise your car online and hope that someone in the Phoenix area comes along to purchase the entire thing. A lot of times, you may have to pay for the towing and removal yourself, or it will be negotiated out of your final price which only brings down your cash even more.

If you decide to get a quote from a dealership, you again have to pay to tow it in for an evaluation or try to become an amateur photographer and take photos for an online evaluation from a website or app. It can be hard to tell if you are getting your money’s worth when you need to go through these extra steps.

Cash for Cars makes the process easy for anyone in the Phoenix area to get their car taken care of with their money in hand with no extra fees or hidden charges! But that isn’t the only reason you should consider junk removal.

Clean Up Your Yard

Be honest with yourself. That run down car is not doing you any favors and it sits, cluttering up your yard or driveway. The neighbors can start complaining and some HOA’s even have a limit on the amount of cars allowed on a property for any length of time. Even without those restrictions, it can be nice to finally clean up your space and make room for something new! Perhaps that garden you have been wanting to start, or a swing set for the kids!

In addition to the sight of the car in your space, there are other factors to worry about as well. An old sitting car can attract critters such as squirrels, stray cats, raccoons, mice, and more. It is never good to have a family of raccoons so close to your house! Next thing you know, you will be seeing them in your basement or attic!

An older car can also begin to leak harmful chemicals such as gasoline, oil, and anti-freeze. These chemicals are harmful to the environment and surrounding wildlife that live nearby. Anti-freeze can be particularly harmful!

It’s Eco-Friendly

Speaking of the environment, it is important that we all do our part to keep the gorgeous Phoenix landscape (not to mention the world) as clean as possible. By partnering with a service such as Cash for Cars, you are helping to ensure that your car that would be considered junk or trash, gets recycled as much as possible.

Instead of your car heading straight for the city dump to sit in a dirt lot outside of Phoenix somewhere, it will now be examined, and those car parts will be reused! In fact, Cash for Cars does its best to reuse as many of those car parts as possible.

How Much Is a Junk Car Worth?

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this question, as every car is different. Each car sent to Cash for Cars is reviewed thoroughly, and your final cash amount will depend on the condition of the car, the make and model, and the current demand for the parts of that car. Once this information has been gathered, the amount is sent to the original owner!

Why Choose Cash for Cars?

We are leaders in the junk removal space and have a long history of getting the job done right. We make the entire process easy for our clients, from initial consultation to final cash transfer. With years of experience, we help you avoid the hassle of removing your junk car by handling the entire process and walking you through it as best as we can!